乐虎lehu66官网:Shenzhen Capital Group made 2 new investments in February 2019

作者:乐虎lehu66官网 | 日期:2019-03-05 11:03:37

From 1999 to February 2019, our group invested in 973projects in the fields of IT technology/chip, opto-mechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, biotechnology, energy/environment, new materials/chemicals, internet/new media. The total investment amount is about 42.4 billion RMB. Among them, 2 new investment projects were added in February.

Project List:

Shenzhen Weimaisi New Energy Co., Ltd.

It is committed to the development, production and sales of power electronics and power transmission products. It provides customers with power electronic converters, embedded power systems, industrial application power solutions, electric vehicle chargers, motor drives and other types of products, positioning services for mid- to high-end equipment integrators and equipment manufacturers.

Chongqing Zijian Electronics Co., Ltd.

The polymer lithium ion battery produced by the company is safe and environmentally friendly, and the products have passed the international safety certifications such as CE/UL. Terminal customers are located in countries and regions such as China, the United States, Europe and Japan. The products focus on smart wear (headphones, bracelets, watches), smart speakers. It also serves in the fields of drones, intelligent robots, medical equipment, military mobile communication tools and industrial equipment.